YFF Update

The Yerkes Future Foundation Committee continues to work hard on all aspects of understanding the scope of this project. As of this week, the YFF Committee has submitted an extensive list of questions to the University of Chicago to better understand the revenues and expenses associated with operating Yerkes Observatory. In concept, the YFF Committee will be talking with University officials toward the end of June/early July in what likely will be a series of meetings. These meetings will not be open to the public and we do not believe the Village Board will be involved. The Village Board needs to remain impartial until the University has identified the proposals they believe have the most merit. We do not know how many other proposals they have received nor the type. We do know they are still considering our proposal. 


Many of you have asked how you can help. If you are so inclined, please send an email to David Chearo dchearo@uchicago.edu. (He has given me permission to share his email address.)  You may also write or email Amy Loudenbeck, Tyler August, Senator Nass, Senator Johnson or Senator Baldwin to ask for their support of saving Yerkes and to give them David Chearo’s email. 


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Paul Yih